we eat at home

we eat at home

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Cookbook written by my brother Samuel Levie, with drawings by myself.

Samuel Levie, his wife Ragna and baby Ayla Mae have a real dream kitchen in their new home. And that's a good thing, because with the Levie's life takes place in the kitchen. It is a coming and going of family and friends, resulting in a pleasant chaos. Samuel is always looking for new recipes for his weekly Parool column. He often finds inspiration in the stories and recipes of his English, Hindustani and Jewish family, but his many cooking-mad friends are also a good source. Samuel Levie likes to put something different on the table every day. He naturally follows the seasons and for a sausage maker he cooks vegetarian dishes remarkably often. Some recipes, such as the shepherd's pie and the rhubarb pie, are real family classics. Other recipes have emerged over the years. They are always simple and above all tasty!