Emma Levie (Amsterdam, 1990) studied image and language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and is what some would call a creative grasshopper. She loves photography, interior design, singing, dancing and acting. She has written short stories, made installations and designed underwear.

The one art form she can't remember living without is drawing. An empty sheet of paper and the way it can be transformed within seconds into a piece that hints at a story, or leaves you wondering, is thrilling to her.

Her work doesn’t start from an artist’s statement or concept but starts to exist as she goes on. It results in a self-portrait that moves with her as she lives. By following her work, you will get to know her interest in limbs, patterns, animals, plants, equal rights and human relations.

Emma's drawings create content from which the viewer is free to read their own story. She hands over the ingredients but the viewer, the surroundings and the way that the work is displayed will decide which story is told.